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Millennials and The Outdoors

August 9, 2016

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Snowshoeing: Why it's not to be missed!

August 3, 2016

Let's face it- winter time gets a bad rap. Freezing cold temperatures, shoveling driveways and being trapped inside can make it challenging to embrace the tundra. But what if Mr. Jack Frost could be our friend? What if we could dig deep and find the beauty during this often inevitable time of year? And most importantly- what if we were not trapped inside but rather out free, enjoying this winter wonderland?

Ladies and gentlemen- meet snowshoeing. 


Here's the top three reason's why Adventures Without Limits love's snowshoeing!


1. The Views

Winter crowds are small which means views are BIG! You know those overcrowded trails in the summer? Well skip the parade route up the mountain and hit the trail on snowshoes instead! Who knows, you may even have that iconic vista all to yourself! 


2. The sounds (or lack there of!)

If you've ever spent anytime in the outdoors during the winter, you are well aware of that tranquil silence that fills the air. The world is still and the only indication of movement during these tranquil experiences is the crunch of the snow beneath your feet.  


3. Our Friends

Getting outside in the winter can be a little more daunting for some. Because of that, most of the groups that get outside with us are experiencing snowshoeing for the first time. This creates a moment of magic! There's no better experience for us then watching as our guests realize how much fun winter exploring can be! Adventures Without Limits is fully outfitted with winter gear to keep everyone warm and happy! From socks, to jackets, to hats- we've got it all!  


Ready to join the adventure? BOOK NOW or CONTACT US to find out how!







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