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Millennials and The Outdoors

August 9, 2016

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Re-defining "Outdoorsy"

August 3, 2016


Something incredible has been quietly happening throughout the last decade- the outdoors are becoming trendy. Perhaps it is the increase of photos on Instagram and Facebook displaying the iconic tent at the edge of an alpine lake, could it be an instinctual attraction to a simpler more disconnected lifestyle during a technology-driven era or maybe folks are just finally catching on that natural spaces are just good ol' fashion awesome! Whatever the reason may be, we LOVE IT! After all, the outdoors have shaped our lives! Ask any AWL team member on any given day why we believe experiencing the outdoors is valuable and they'll likely spout off a list reasons that spiral in to a 3 hour discussion! Similar to an auctioneer, you may hear the rapid release of phrases like "reconnect" "journey inward" "living in the moment" "learning opportunities" and just plain and simple "fun"! 


Despite of all of that, something else has also been quietly happening during this movement from the indoors to the outdoors- a personality has been created- the "outdoorsy" character has been created. Now once you spot an "outdoorsy" person, you'll be able to spot them easily! Distinguishing features may include: key rings on a carabiner, a rain jacket in lieu of an umbrella, a Nalgene water bottle covered in stickers, a backpack that seems to have become an extension of their body and if you're anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, a Subaru. Do you meet these qualifications? Don't be ashamed, many of us do! ...But what if this doesn't portray you? Are you not "outdoorsy"? Can you not BE "outdoorsy"? 


Among many philosophies that we believe in here at Adventures Without Limits, there's one very concrete mission that focuses all of our efforts- how can we make the outdoors accessible for ALL? How can we break down the common barriers that keep folks from getting outside? How can we create an experience where everyone can grow to further love this big wonderful world we live in?! 


You see, to us, there is no one definition, certain ability level or distinguishing features to be "outdoorsy". To us, everyone can and should be able to enjoy the outdoors. That is what drives us, that is what motivates us and that is what keeps us passionate about making the outdoors accessible for all.     


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