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Friday, April 5th, 7pm Program 4- SOLD OUT
Saturday, April 6th, 7pm Program 3- SOLD OUT
Sunday April 7th, 7pm Program 2
Limited number of tickets available at the door
Doors open at 6, Show at 7
*Different Films each night

Tickets available for next weekend

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"This film festival is always inspiring, illuminating and fear inducing! Always amazing and life changing just to watch these films." - Madeline S.

Film Schedule

Program #1:

Rouge Elements: Corbets Couloir - 4 minutes - This year's best opening film has a fun spirit and an energized soundtrack.

Fast Horse - 14 - An exciting story about First Nations bareback horse racing. 

The Beaver Believers - 10 - This year's best environment film featuring a hilarious main character and several cute critters. 

Feel of Vision - 26 - After losing his sight in an accident, a cheerful mid-westerner shares his love of kayaking with others.

RJ Ripper - 19 - Great cultural story with a youthful feel and some dramatic riding through the streets of Kathmandu.

Viacruxis - 11 - A clever stop-action animated short featuring a dramatic alpine climb with a surprise ending. 

Liv Along the Way - 22 - French alpinist Liv Sansoz sets out to climb all of the European Alps' 4000m peaks in a single year.

The Frenchy - 13 - This year's funniest character and a great film to close the show with. 


Program #2

DreamRide 3 - 6 - A fun, fast moving mountain bike short featuring lush New Zealand scenery.

The Moment - 15 - A tour edit of a longer film that explores the birth of mountain bike freeriding in British Columbia. Lots of laughs.

The Mirnavator - 11 - A charismatic African American trail runner challenges body-type stereotypes.

This Mountain Life - Coast Range Traverse - 39 - A mother and daughter's epic six-month-long ski tour in the B.C. Coast Range.

Sacred Strides - 12 - Indigenous groups run to raise awareness of Bears Ears National Monument.  

Tierra Del Viento - 18 - Tells the story of an art photographer and his search for unique images in Patagonia. 

Craig's Reaction - 24 - Following a horrific fall, rock climber Craig deMartino leads himself and others to new heights.

Skier vs Drone - 4 - A fun man vs. machine show closer. 


Program #3

Far Out: Kai Jones - 5 - Set to a fun soundtrack, 11 year old skier Kai Jones rips it up at Jackson Hole.  

Boy Nomad - 21 - A beautifully shot story of a Mongolian boy's love for horses and his journey toward manhood. 

Grizzly Country - 12 - Vietnam war veteran and eco-warrior Doug Peacock reflects on a life spent advocating for wilderness.

Divided - 39 - Two quirky Scottish friends take on the demanding Tour Divide bike packing race from Banff to Mexico.

Surface - 7 - A French photographer finds new ways to capture landscapes through the lens of waves in Tahiti

Brotherhood of Skiing - 10 - A cheerful portrayal of the African American ski experience, then and now.

For the Love of Mary - 6 - A touching story of a 97 year old runner and his motivations to keep on going.

How to Run 100 Miles - 26 - Two buddies take on a 100 mile long ultra run.  Some (mild) swearing and second guessing ensues.


Program #4

Life of Glide - 16 - Jeremy Jones goes deep in describing the essence of his chosen sports of surfing and snowboarding. 

My Mom Vala - 10 - An Icelandic mother shares her passion for fly fishing with her young daughter. 

Choices - 2  - A fun mountain biking short featuring a father and son.

Surviving the Outback - 42 - A self-shot adventure story featuring a likeable guy travelling through the remote Australian Outback.

Beautiful Idiot - 15 - This year's most intense mountain bike film.  Lots of big air set to a propulsive soundtrack. 

Far Out: Terrace B.C. - 5 - A clip from the latest TGR film featuring some impressive big mountain powder skiing.

Brothers of Climbing  - 10 -A Brooklyn-based crew of African American take on racial stereotypes about climbing. 

REEL ROCK: Break On Through - 26 - This year's best climbing film tells the story of Margo Hayes' quest to climb 5.15. 

Good to Know:

-There are FOUR nights of unique line-ups featuring the latest adrenaline inducing, cinematic adventure stories to date! Due to popular demand, we're hosting SIX nights to witness this one-of-a-kind big-screen experience in Portland.

-TICKETS GO FAST!...So don't wait, grab your tickets today! 




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